Two years ago we introduced producer Paula Temple and her track “Gegen“. It has been remixed by Berlin-based band HYENAZ . The already politically driven track now takes the opportunity to speak about the European migration issues we are facing in modern day. The whole sale amount will go to the Berlin Refugee Movement, an organisation in Berlin who tirelessly provide help to refugees and fight for their rights. You can buy the track here.

Some words from HYENAZ about their track: ”We were inspired by Paula’s powerful track Gegen, whose title refers to the German word for “against” and already expresses the dichotomous terms in which media and political discourses discuss migration: Are you for or against migration? How do “we” oppose the “others” who are against “our” way of life. The urgency of its siren-like lead synth speaks to the militarised policing of national borders and the desperation that pushes people to risk everything in order to exercise the human right to move freely”. You can also read Paula Temple words on her facebook page.