Machweo is the moniker of Carpi-based producer Giorgio Spedicato. Three years ago we introduced his great debut album Leaving HomeA few months ago Flying Kid Records released his second work Musica da Festa. A few weeks ago he also released a new single titled “Meganotte“, out via Bad Panda Records. Watch the official video below and read our interview with the italian producer.

What is the concept or the idea that you want to express with “Musica da Festa”?

Musica Da Festa is my personal journey into 90s hyper emotional club music. That’s it, nothing more. Obviously it’s not a 90s club cover album. This is the idea that raised in my mind but I think Musica Da Festa doesn’t sound like a 90s album.

– “Musica da Festa” has two sides: a club/dance-oriented line and then there are “experimental” and different tracks as “Chiosco”, “Aula 7”, “Aula 24”. What is the origin of this dichotomy?

I think it’s all about the huge amount of inputs I received during the iter of composition. Some was strictly dance oriented, some others was strictly academic because I attend at the Electronic Music bachelor in the Conservatory of Bologna. I decided to try to make these two worlds coexist together.

– “Musica da Festa” seems to have something different compared to your debut album “Leaving Home”.  What it is the path of these three years that has led to the new work?

Three years are too much for everything, exspecially if you are in your 20s. I approached to very different musical worlds that let me open my mind to new kind of sounds about reiterative music.

– You remixed tracks of Giardini di Mirò, Platonick Dive, Perfume Genius, Brolin. How did the approach change compared to the “traditional” composition?

In every remix the only thing I do is to choose some parts of the original composition that attracted me the most and try to enhance them. I came to different results in every single remix I do, but I think I’m very bad doing remixes (ahah).

– What about the new track “Meganotte” and the Mario Venturi’s Video?

This is the last track I made. It was born as a game, nothing really interesting but the more I went into playing with this track the more it get beautiful to me. It was composed in a very intimate way, while I was at home for example, surrounded by the things I do in my life daily. Internet stuff, anime, video tutorial and everything everyone does in 2016 with a computer. I decided to put together this atmosphere in a video, I explained my idea to Mario Venturi and he was awesome. He did this video in less than a week!
How is your relationship with visual arts linked to your music and your live performances?
I like the interactions between music and visual arts but I think it’s a very delicate balance.  Sometimes the less is better, sometimes the nothing is better, you know. I used to play with some visuals in the last years but today I don’t do it anymore. I’m trying to build up something that is worth watching and playing with.