Astrùra (out now) and Solèra (out in May via Silentes) are the “Bragos series”, two new Enrico Coniglio works dedicated to the lagoon of Venice. They follow 2015’s Plundering The Ancient World. Named after the Venetian for two seabeds, the pieces are field recordings collected at the mouth of the harbor during a foggy spring day back in the 2009, on the northern edge of the lagoon. Excerpt are available for streaming below.

The environmental narrative is enhanced with both natural and mechanical drones, alluding to modern crisis and with a very precise aversion to nostalgia. The project goal of redefining a locative identity is achieved by highlighting the inherent contradiction in the overlapping stream of sound.
The journey has been split into two separate 10 inch vinyl releases in a limited edition of 25 copies each, ‘Astrùra’ in April and ‘Solèra’ in May, with photographs by Stefano Gentile, printed on Forex.