Artwork by Marco Mazzotta


Our end month mixtape is back. We are glad to share the new 14-tracks compilation that includes the best of music that we shared in April of this year. You can listen tracks from Woodpigeon, Carla dal Forno, Fire to the Stars, Palace Winter, Giungla, Body Clocks,, Eddi Front, Aina Myrstener Cello, Flying Horses, O Mer, Clara Engel, Oathless, 18h15 and Cambio Sun.


1. Woodpigeon – No Word of a Lie 05:29
2. Carla dal Forno – Better Yet
3. Flying Hòrses – Tölt
4. Cambio Sun – Maiden Voyage
5. Giungla – Forest
6. 18h15 – White Sea (feat Never Sol)
7. Oathless – Rouge
8. ALA.NI – Darkness at Noon
9. Clara Engel – Uneasy Spirit
10. O MER – Overflown
11. Palace Winter – H.W. Running
12. Aina Myrstener Cello – Oriens
13. Body Clocks – Still Life
14. Fire to the Stars – Made of Fire
15. Eddi Front – Elevator