Last year we introduced Ukranian band Gamardah Fungus (Sound designer Igor Yalivec and guitarist Sergey Yagoda) with their album Hidden by the leaves. Herb and Potions is the new album that is out now via Sideny-based label Flaming Pines. Tracks underlines ambient textures, acoustic tremors and little and well-shaped movements of the sound. Full streaming is available below.

Ukrainian band Gamardah Fungus turned to the herbal healing practices of their grandparents for inspiration in creating their new album Herbs and Potions.

Centred on folklore, and traditional knowledges of both the virtuous and dangerous properties of plants, this is an album brimming with mystery and reverence for the past.

Each track is named for a herb which can both heal and harm, and was recorded during live in sessions in the forests of western Ukraine.

From the gentle fronds of Artemisia to the curling tendrils of Bryophyta, and the halting menace of Mandragora, Herbs and Potions dwells in places both dark, and exhilarating, whispering of fading arts and lost connections.