We wrote different times about Ensemble Economique, the project of American multi-instrumentalist Brian Pyle. His latest release is Blossoms in Red, out via Denovali Records. He will one of the performer of the Plunge Live show “Ecliptica”, on April 26th, with performances focused on the theme of lunar eclipse. Other guests: Caterina Barbieri and Jung An Tagen. We had a little talk with Brian Pyle. Read below.

Let’s start with your last experience in London for Denovali Festival. How did it go?
It was really amazing, it’s a perfect environment for my music, dramatic, dark, mysterious energy swirling.  I love very intimate concerts but for something on a bigger scale it’s difficult to do better than a church with a proper sound system.  It was a real joy to perform there.
What is your approach to the live experience compared to the studio sessions?
The live experience should be raw, physical, intense, theatrical.  It’s a performance after all and I think this aspect should be embraced completely.  The studio context is of course more controlled, considered, the knife sharpened.  The live context is the sharpened knife.
On April 26th there will be “Ecliptica”, a live show with performances focused on the theme of lunar eclipse and you will be the first to play, representing the first phase of this natural  phenomenon. What will lead your performance connected to the theme of the evening? There will be a visual part?
Yes, of course, candles, fading light, the world becoming dark, mystery engulfing everything, complete immersion in the moment.
Your latest album, and part your music, shows a strong but cohesive contrast. What is the  origin of this dichotomy that your sound expresses?
I’m looking to explore varying disciplines colliding, cross pollinating, combining to express a unique narrative, embracing the austerity of the meditative drone and the erotic ritual of pop repetition.
Is there any sides and textures of your music that you want explore further compared to your past releases? 
Yes of course, I’m always searching, exploring, discovering, devouring.  I’ll be exploring more rhythmic elements in the future, see where this path leads.
What are the best releases that you have appreciated this year?

In the past 12 months I’ve visited those two recent Beach House records often, it’s what I’ve listened to the most.  And of course more underground shades in every color, the new Holy Balm, Purple Pilgrims, Sex Tourists, Ela Stiles, Jung An Tagan(rep).