Orla Wren is one of our favorite artists. A few weeks ago we wrote about his last collaborative work with Cyril Secq (out via Dronarivm). We are glad to host and share the Volume Three of his Filmscores mixtape. His words below:

“Films are one of my very favorite things, I like to listen to all the sounds whilst watching, not necessarily just to the music, the placement and capture of some intimate detail can for me really enhance a scenes emotional impact.

I decided to do this third mix in the Filmscores series with that in mind and to use many fragments of music, dialogue and foley directly from the films themselves, which I then arranged variously and placed carefully to construct some possible narrative. I always feel drawn to the most intimate moments within a film, most often it is where I find the story holds the most emotion and poignancy.

Creating the mix in this way is my way of referencing the very detailed palette of the director”.

Films used in this mix:

  1. The Dark Horse – James Napier Robertson
  2. Couple In A Hole – Tom Geens
  3. The Wicker Man – Robin Hardy
  4. The Wolfpack – Crystal Moselle
  5. The Revenant – Alejandro González Iñárritu
  6. Grandma – Paul Weitz
  7. Kumiko The Treasure Hunter – David Zellner
  8. Ex Machina – Alex Garland
  9. Sound Of My Voice – Zal Batmanglij
  10. The Woodmans – Scott Willis
  11. Room – Lenny Abrahamson
  12. Somewhere to Disappear – Arnaud Uyttenhove and Laure Flammarion

Orla Wren makes electroacoustic music that uses the emotional space between organic acoustic sounds and digital processing. Combining the oldest, wonkiest and most organic of possible sound sources, he fashions them utilising cutting edge technology into melodies and textures of pinprick detail, revealing the antiquated isolation of the environments that have inspired them and rendering the minutiae of nature into sonic form. Check his website here.