Two years ago we introduced It’s The Colour Of A Cloud Covered Sky, the wonderful debut album of Dutch Composer Kevin Verwijmeren. One Year later, he released the soundtrack of short film The Wolf and the Wayfarer.

Those Glorious Heights is the new album out now on Icarus Records & Vynilla Vinyl. The album is recorded in Reykjavík, Brussels and Delft and mastered by Stephan Mathieu.

Black and White. The Artwork doesn’t lie. Kevin Verwijmeren’s music starts always from a visual dimension. His music is unique and his debut album was the demonstration that “basic” ambient textures, little essential shades and a minimal approach can be something special. And it was the attention to the sound space that created a multi-sensorial experience.

Those Glorious Heights repeats that feelings but there’s something different. Melancholic and dark side of his music is reinforced (The deep descent of “We believe“) and the contrast is more refined (little variations in “Nothing still Left“). “I’ll Draw a Mountain” is the track that clarifies in a better way this aspects.

The Opening “Last” has a perfect strcture: shadows and lights play to press each other gracefully but after the “fight” stops and the trembling line had the upper hand.  The scrape is more effective in “A Change of Time” that increases the feeling to become estranged. Wonderful. “Vik” is one of the best track of the album because it seems to be a constant cadence but it reshapes the meaning of the rhythms with a little slight growth. The fluctuating and well-measured tone of “Keep me up at night” closes the opera.

Dutch composer proves again his great technique, his abilty to create experiences and to improve the sensation of consciousness, a real connection of the world that explains the power of his music. It’s not easy to repeat a great debut album but Kevin Verwijmeren has revelead again his talent to reshape ambient music in something different. One of the best album of this first part of 2016.