Artwork by Paolo Calicchio

Our end month mixtape is back. We are glad to share the new 16-tracks compilation that includes the best of music that we shared in January and February of this year. You can listen tracks from Public Memory, Daniele Brusachetto, Masasolo, Jordan Max, Pleq, Russo Amorale, Sound of Ceres, Soda, Youth Policy, Giulio Ronconi, Alma Elste, Anders Brørby, Galapaghost, HAWK, Rave Fosche, Nadia Nair.


1. Public Memory – Zig Zag
2. Galapaghost – Salt Lake CIty
3. Daniele Brusaschetto – La Catena della Sopravvivenza
4. Nadia Nair – Something Something Something
5. Rave Fosche – Percorre una bambina handicappata
6. Anders Brørby – From The Window Above the Lake
7. Pleq – Kingdom Hall
8. Giulio Ronconi – Linea
9. Youth Policy – Wanderer’s Waltz
10. Soda – Blonde on Blonde
11. Jordan Max – Let Me Lay Down
12. Russo Amorale – L’Emergenza di Emergere
13. Sound of Ceres – Hand of Winter
14. Alma Elste – Limitless
15. Hawk – Once Told
16. Masasolo – Really Thought She Loved Me