Il Lungo Addio is the project of the Italian musician and songwriter Fabrizio Testa. Fuori Stagione is the new and third album that will be out March 1st via Old Bicycle Records, Piadina Records and Wallace Records. It follows 2014’s Pinarella Blues. It features Xabier Iriondo, Bruno Dorella, Dany Greggio, Chet Martino and Mirio Cosottini. We are glad to share the premiere of the full streaming. Listen below.

If you follow Fabrizio Testa’s activity, you can notice that he’s one of the few artist never alike himself. He has a strong creative flow that allows him to describe his vision of the world in different ways. Albums with his name (Mastice, Morire, Bestiario) are the example of his research attitude.

Il Lungo Addio is a different project, we can say “traditional songwriting”, but we will see that is not. He starts from tradition and then there is the development of narration trough several styles. He knows also how to choose guests of the album , all great musicians that contributed to reach the building the narrative trend.

Fuori Stagione shows and confirms the grounded writing and composition, the most important strength of Fabrizio Testa. “Dancing” is the track that shows his talent to grab a picture of the situation. It has ironic and mournful sides: this dichotomy express the power and the vivid vibes of his stories. A double line that often you can found in the sound and “Una Tedesca” is the perfect example of this side of his music (the tension is “disguised”).

The short and “simple” (guitar, meagre piano and his crooner voice) final-track “Dentro al Blu” is that kind of song that underlines “roots” of the project. “Residence“, that follows the same lines, is a wonderful tribute to Marco Pantani. The Other seven songs are the evolution of what we call habitual songwriting: post-punk references of “Il Presidente” (one of the best song of the album), ambient echoes in the opening-track “Le Sei del Mattino“, pop feelings with the fast rhythms of the title-track.

Another demonstration of what he’s capable, nine-tracks that express his vision of the world with an intense interpretation and right assortment to picture the reality. Not a common songwriter and musician, but a great artist.