In a city that became somekind of a symbol in live music entertainment, even if for the saddest reason, there’s so much willingness to have fun. Le Zenith is filled up with people, it overflows for the young English duo Disclosure, one of the best act in contemporary dance music. Lawrence brothers show up on stage with two consoles. Given the kind of music they play, it’s quite expected that most of the live show is recorded. Nevertheless the duo play a small drum kit and bass on stage, plus a guitar in the most “funky” moments. Disclosure try to confer their show the most “live” dimension they can and when Aluna George appear on stage for the first song, White Noise, the spectators go mad. The overall experience is an elaborated light and colors show to which the duo adds an unstoppable rhythm, a mixed setlist of the two albums “Settle” and “Caracal”. There’s no rest for the audience.

Paris it’s on cloud nine. Disclosure is highly recommended for those hungry for fun. No matter the technical skills on stage, this live act is worth it given the big entertainment.


  1. White Noise (with AlunaGeorge)
  2. F for You
  3. Superego
  4. Jaded
  5. Magnets
  6. Omen
  7. You & Me
  8. Echoes
  9. Nocturnal
  10. Willing & Able
  11. Bang That
  12. When a Fire Starts to Burn
  13. Hourglass
  14. Holding On
  15. Moving Mountains (with Brendan Reilly)
  16. Latch