Jeph Jerman is an American composer involved in a variety of musical groups and collaborative projects across different genres for more than three decades. He has collaborated with artists like Jon Mueller, Ben Owen, Taku Sugimoto. 34°111’3″N 111°95’4″W is the new album out via Mappa. Full streaming is available. Listen below.

The 34° 111′ 3″ N 111° 95′ 4″ W named field recording is a collection of three pieces, in which Jerman maps a specific place and which carefully reflect his life philosophy. It’s a recording of an abandoned windmill in different times, stages of decomposition and weather conditions. The symbol of the circle and rotation and the moaning material shaped by nature elements subtly fit in the comprehensive sound diary and environment where Jerman moves and lives.

The recordings were made using a mini-disc recorder and hand made contact microphone. They are monaural recordings.