Khruangbin are a Texan trio, one of the most strange outstanding hybrid out there. Bonobo selected their beautiful song “a calf born in the winter” for his Late Night Tales by placing it in second position immediately after the opening,a short and beautiful piano piece by Dustin O’Halloran.

I have several friends who have heard comment, while listening to the album, like “the most original instrumental group from North Africa ever heard” or “best exotic trio from Bengali”; It is not the thing you expect from the south of the United States and perhaps and this collective creates an imaginary  sound more close to certain export soul , those unstopped harmonics so similar to remembering sound of South-East Asia with a huge solid ground of blues from more typical deep U.S. sound.

Their debut album is so delicate and surprising. The universe smiles on you is a work inspired by Warm, pop and funky Thai music with the bass not stop flashing do dub notes heavy and solid, perfectly framed with the drumming, sounds good how Questlove playing in Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys, always at the center of the groove, simple and effective with a permanent hip-hop played beat.

Guitar is the real solo voice on the album draws notes, harmonics stories, creates spaces,the only song sung and the first single “white gloves”, very elegant and refined, looks like a group of West Coast cool jazz at sunset what sounds here, and “Mr. White” the opening of the album, this statement seems immediately clear intent and not lacking moments when the voice follows so choral harmonies of the songs are available in “two fish and an elephant”.

Father John Misty wanted them to open for your what is playing live for a short ride in their English tour right in these days, and would be a shame to consider them “simply” as an exotic project, lounge sound could be very close, but there’s a dynamic and harmonic capacity superlative for a formation made by an absolutely classic trio, and do not need  put the disk in the background, if you find someone who can play,you pay attention to them.