After the acclaimed mild film, outcome of a beautiful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter,“Heaven adores you” comes the soundtrack of the feature film.

An approach very heartfelt, with Elliott Smith never in the foreground, not speculative (nothing to do with operations as the horrendous “montage of heck” made on Cobain), a film on Portland, on its sites, with the camera that moves slowly into fragments of places from which started it all, making you breathe the flow of how things went.

An unreleased track as “True love” worthed by itself listening to the album, a pop masterpiece refined and desperate; itwas rejected at the time by the memorable album Either / or.

Questionable decision to include “I love my room” written by Smith at age 14, as the amazing ability to arrange, produce and write brilliant melodies already at that age, so’ as some unreleased instrumental tracks of multi-layers of guitars and sketches certainly valuable but perhaps only for collectors.

Considered the availability of new material popped on the net these years, perhaps we expected a selection more ‘enjoyable but it contains beautiful versions of songs from the period of transition between the Heatmiser and his solo career, being perhaps underestimated by most’, and in this work “painclothes man” in solo version or a large electric version of “Christian brothers” are  the confirmation.

A couple of pieces already published as “everything means nothing to me” and “happiness” (from Figure 8) and some early version instead surprise and confirm the unique and rare talent of Smith: “coast to coast” that appeared on ‘ posthumous album from the basement to the hill demo even more ‘delicate that in the final version, a great demo of “waltz1” (X / O)  (still released before as a b-side) where Smith simulates the piano counterpoint with a guitar in low fidelity wrapped by a phaser and reverb in a pop beautiful minimal version.

A “Miss Misery” Live at Conan O’Brien show and “say yes” to Yo Yo Festival remind us the fragile power of his live, the balance between the electric and the formation reduced to bone or just voice and guitar,here in the last one intimate side.

The previous release “New Moon” of unreleased tracks (double disc in 2007) is for sure much more significant than this, a total “Must have” in comparison,still unsurpassed from the Elliott Smith’s posthumous publishing.

For sure one  the most talented songwriter of his generation,if you’re in it, it is definitely a listening to do,considering this Soundtrack exactly for what it is: a Soundtrack which follow a film.