Sula Bassana returns from the hyper-spatial outer rim, bearing gifts of otherworldly electronic krautrock.

Continuing the trance explorations of 2010’s Kosmonauts space odyssey, this album envisages a marooned space mariner, whom fortune has smiled upon, bestowing Shipwrecked as a soundtrack on infinite loop.

“Moonbase Alpha Alpha”, conjures the epic sci-fi fave from my formative years, it’s tranquility base setting, ripped from earth orbit, so beginning a series of extraterrestrial adventures, jettisoning a predictable past, for parsec measured, motorik pastures new; “Shushi Express”, is an expressionistic event horizon, replete with hypnotic throat singing, a robotic, ‘Realm of the Nebulae’, galaxy quest; “No Time : No Eternity”, limbers up with a sense of foreboding, it’s deliberate syncopation, seeking universal truth and arcane knowledge.

“Planeta Bur”, is a waltzing spacewalk, a dance between moonbeams, burnished with eastern themed,¬†didgeridoo infused, plasmatic scatterings; “Shipwrecked”, is a wistful meditation, a melancholic sojourn amid the low gravity solitude, of a far-flung planet’s weak, clawing embrace; “No Way”, portrays an off-kilter interstellar paradise, skewed with yearning, hallucinatory flights of fancy.

Sula has spacecrafted yet another meisterwerk, his “amoebenklangraum” firing on all anti-matter cylinders.

“Shipwrecked” is available now as a limited edition of 500 copies on marbled 180g vinyl, from Sulatron Records, selling at the speed of light.