Before David Bowie’s death, Italian songwriter Camilla Fascina released a cover of David Bowie’s “Time” (Alladin Sane, 1973) inclued in her new ep Camilla Fascinated by Bowie. She also released a video that features British coreographer, dance and actor Lindsay Kemp (teacher of the British artist and songwriter). Videoclip is directed by Mattia Ottaviani.

As a matter of fact, after the 10th January, the video unveils a meaningful coincidence, a surprising synchronicity between Lindsay and David Bowie’s feelings. In the video, Lindsay stares at a candle consuming itself as a symbol of our time which is inexorably running out, while David Bowie opens “Blackstar” with the following lyrics “In the villa of Ormen stands a solitary candle in the centre of it all”. Watch it below.