Throwing Shade is the stage name of London-based producer Nabihah Iqbal. We introduced to her music with two wonderful eps: 19 Jewels and Fate Xclusive. House of Silk is the new one that will be out March 4th on Ninja Tune. “hashtag IRL” is the first excerpt. Listen Below.

hashtag irl is an ode to today. It is a reflection of the internet frenzy which has taken over our lives, and which has imprisoned us in a virtual reality, where we each justify our existence through the approval of others. How many likes? How many followers? Never enough, so it seems.

The constant desire to increase our online status drives us only deeper into an isolated world of narcissism, where our thoughts are watered down to a common denominator of hashtags, selfies and internet-speak acronyms. We don’t really care about each other, we only care about how much we ‘like’ each other. The anti-social reality of ‘social media’ is all too ironic.

The repetitive, robotic and melancholy vocals of hashtag irl symbolize the relentlessness with which the internet now dictates our lives. They also pay homage to Kraftwerk’s Computer Love – the original song about the rise of computers in modern society, released back in 1981. ‘Computer love. Another lonely night. I don’t know what to do.’ It seems not much has changed. ‘Hashtag alone. Hashtag follow me. Hashtag please follow me.’