Rave Fosche is a small mountain range close to Itri, a little town next to Latina, Italy. The main characteristic of this place is the majestic grey and white calcareous formations (called indeed Rave Fosche) which sink in deep gorges.

And it’s exactly this place that inspired the name of the band that involves Piero Paliani, Matteo Favale and Federico Artico, three friends who were born and grew up around there.

The choice of this name is strictly connected to the symbolic image of Rave Fosche’s wild nature.

Authors of an outside the box genre (they like to call it “buio”, pitch black), Rave Fosche make extensive use of an Armonium in their songs and show up a large orchestral sound influence, which recalls the mysterious atmospheres of composers such as Wojciech Kilar and Jocelyn Pook.

The three guys, who met thanks to a common friendship with members from Sonic Jesus, a well known band from the same area, share a true passion for good music and… wine.

Influenced by Italian songwriters Fabrizio De Andrè and Piero Ciampi and by the sound of Nico, Rave Fosche started writing a few songs back in 2014 and have already collected many tracks. They are now arranging a few of them to release their first EP in 2016. Up to now, they already announced two singles (“Percorre una Bambina Handicappata” and “Arciprete Nero”) and will soon announce a new autoproduced track, while looking for a Record Label to produce their next works.

They already grabbed the attention of many artists, both Italian and foreigners, and already played as opening act for Melampus and Enfance Rouge. On March 4th 2016 they will be supporting live Holiday Inn at Hemingway Club, Latina, and it’s going to be interesting to understand how such a complex kind of music can be played live.

Either you like their dark music or not, one thing is for sure: Rave Fosche stand out for their quite psychedelic “pitch black” sound.