Francesco Giannico is one of the best artist that we introduced since we started Sonofmarketing. He’s part of Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori collective and Oak Editions co-founder.

Erased is his new album released at the end of last year and printed in very limited edition through an exclusive photobook format in 50 copies on double embossed paper, with some poetry excerpts from the book “Le Battaglie i Robusti No” by Biagio Lieti. Full streaming is available below.

His work has been always dynamic, evolving in a direction where music is only a part of the final “Picture”. He creates listening experiences with the ability to build various levels of the sound; rhythms and categories become undefined entities.

Francesco Giannico electronically manipulates recordings by Thollem McDonas (grand piano) and Amy Denio (vocals, saxophone, objects). Manipulation is part of the global art project, the great way to change sound perspective. Twenty-minutes opening track “Salici Piangenti” shows a minimal piano, a dark mood, little noises that will become the constant of this track that switches often his attitude (some moments are more powerful or dilated) without forcing acts.

“Dark Clouds” is an evocative ambient compostion with haunting piano and incisive delicate fragmentation of the sound; this quirk has an heaviest impact on the final song “Comatose“.”Paraffina” is the most effective track of the album for his essential and intimate attitude.

Four tracks that highlight a different way to develop an idea. The most important feature of this work is the narrative path that allows the implementation of the listening experience. Another proof of the creative and accurate work of the artist.