Ezera Skaņas is a musical, visual and metaphysical event that begins before sunrise at 5:00 AM on a floating stage in the middle of a distant land. The audience attends the event in boats. Surrounded by dark and silence they move towards the center of the lake. The moment the first light gets noticeable the first sounds start to appear. The music continues to rise and culminates with the sunlight appearing on the horizon. Music and visual objects thus leave an open space for thought.

Ezera Skaņas could be perceived as a movie. The center of the lake holds a mystery – it is silent and dark. The harbors are the film environment; the attenders the protagonists. The music is more like a soundtrack for a film; a soundtrack that adapts to the changing scenery.

This year Sòley, Bisty andVairis Nartiss from Latvian National Opera woke everyone up. Videos of Festival After Movie and Sòley “I’ll Drown Performance” are available below.