2013 wasn’t just a chance for Nine Inch Nails to come back with a new album. Artworks for Hesitation Marks, the band’s eighth full- lenght, have been handled by Russel Mills, who 19 years earlier took part to the artistic creation of The Downward Spiral, recognized as Trent Reznor’s masterpiece.

Reznor, who has always collaborated with talented artists to surround its music with an elaborated set of images and pictures, choose carefully everytime the name of his assistants.

The Fragile artworks were designed by talented artist Dave Carson known for being the designer of Ray Gun, music and lifestyle magazine.

For With Teeth, Ghosts I-IV and Year Zero, young photographer Rob Sheridan tooks care of the whole artworks. Ghosts I-IV included a complex work of deeply emotional pictures.This time Reznor needed something more, going back to the roots.

Russel Mills, born in the Yorkshire UK, paints, creates multimedia installations and much more. He handled record covers not only for NIN, but also for artists such as Brian Eno and Cocteau Twins, exploring collages of images and various stuff like broken glass, pieces of metal and so on.

To give prominence to Hesitation Marks artworks, Mills and Reznor decided to develop a 320 pages book which contains much of the work managed. Cargo in The Blood (this is the name of the book) is limited to 2000 copies, and it was launched in December 2015 (see Luigi Zampi’s news http://sonofmarketing.com/2016/01/10/news-nine-inch-nails-new-limited-edition-of-cargo-in-the-blood/ ).

To understand the creation process of what can be considered a relevant “piece of the whole” in the generation of Hesitation Marks, here you can watch a short Charles Leek’s clip in which Mills introduce Cargo in The Blood.