Two stories. The first and sad one is that Lemmy Kilmister has died aged 70. The second one is how much people love his music and his way of being.

DPFMPFMMIBSPB is the project that involves Daniele Pagliero (bass, vocals), Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, (guitar), Francesco Mulassano (synth), Marco Schiavo (drums) and Paul Beauchamp (backing vocals). This is their interpretation of  Hawkwind “Silver Machine“, a tribute to Lemmy for the Worldwide Cancer Research.

Here’s what Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo says about this project “One of the main reasons for making music, regardless of how gloomy or how depressing it could even occasionally sound like, is the fun involved in the process of creating it, in itself a celebration of life.

The perception I always had of Lemmy was about someone who truly enjoyed playing “rock’n’roll”, no attitude on the top, just a nice guy who loved to play his music loud and fast and straight to the point, That’s why on the occasion of his death we decided to meet and play a song by Hawkwind. THAT song by Hawkwind, just for that holy FUN that due to the deadlines, fees, logistics and promotion involved in our job as professional musicians we sometimes tend to forget.

The result has been a great night among friends and this joyful version of “Silver Machine” that we are now sharing with you and whose proceeds will go to The Worldwide Cancer Research, ’cause fun can be very useful too, actually it is probably the most useful thing I of which I can think.

Io Ho Una Macchina D’Argento: Hawkwind’s Silver Machine rearranged, performed and recorded (live in one take plus vocal overdubs) by members of Space Aliens From Outer Space, Larsen, Blind Cave Salamander, Almagest!, ( r ), Coypu.