2015 is over. It’s time to move forward. This is our list of 20 New Music Projects you need to listen to and follow: Orson Hentschel, Glàss, Ansome, HATY HATY, Matt Corby, Saski, Nonkeen, Mèsico, Snowpoet, A Pleasure, Skilled Mechanics, Noble Oak, Faces on TV, Heron Oblivion, Ed Tullett, Cavern of Anti-Matter, FEWS, Tight Eye, Annie Ellicott, Imarhan.

Orson Hentschel. Orson Hentschel is an interesting german composer that will debut in february via Denovali Records. This is the visual (directed by himself) of the first track “Noise of the Light”. His music is tense, indented and it has a strong cinematographic impact.

Glàss. Glàss is an Athens-based American post-punk band. ”Glass(-accent)” is the first track that will be part of debut ep.

Ansome. Ansome is the moniker of the Uk producer Kieran Whitefield. Stowaway is the debut album that will be out February 26 via Perc Trax. “Snake Eyes” is the first track; techno lines cross noisy and dark moods.

HATY HATY. HATY HATY are a dutch duo consisting of David Douglas and Johannes Sigmond (aka Blaudzun). High as the Sun is the debut album that will be out in March via Benelux e Atomnation. Listen to title-track.

Matt Corby. Matt Corby is a very interesting australian songwriter. Telleric is the debut album that will be out March 11 via Atlantic. Listen to “Sooth Lady Wine” shows a “rough” vintage folk style with psychedelic reference.

Saski. Saski is the stage name of singer-songwriter Mikhail Birch. She’s working on her debut ep that will be out this year. Her style reminds me Dark Dark Dark songs. Listen to “Alaska“.

Nonkeen. Nonkeen is the new project of the talented musician Nils Frahm (the project also includes two childhood friends). The Gamble is the debut album that will be out February 5 via R&S. “Chasing God Trough Palmyra” is the first track.

Mèsico. Mèsico is the solo project of the italian musician Paolo Mazzacani (Tempelhof). A Long Betrayal is the debut album that will be out January 18 via Indipendead, Riff Records and Upupa Produzioni. Listen to “Carribean Girl” (feat. Gionata Mirai).

Snowpoet. Snowpoet is the fascinating project lead by Lauren Kinsella and Chris Hyson. Debut album will be out this year. “Waves” is the first track that shows folky lines with a irregular perspective.

A Pleasure. A Pleasure is the moniker of New York producer Mark Hurst. Jream House is the debut album that will be out January 22 via Nicolas Jaar Other People. Listen to “Slow Channel“.


Skilled Mechanics. Skilled Mechanics is the new project of Tricky. The Bristol musician has involved DJ Milo, Luke Harris, Oh Land, Ivy 艾菲, Ann Dao and many others. Skilled Mechanics will be out January 22 via False Idols. Listen to “Diving Away“.

Noble Oak. Noble Oak is the stage name of canadian singer and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Fiore. Past Life is the debut album. “Coastline” is his last track that shows a dreamy mood and the beautiful and fragile vocals.

Love/Dead – Faces on Tv. Faces On Tv is the belgian project lead by the songwriter Jasper Maekelberg. Debut ep will be out this year. “Love/Dead” is the first track. This is the video directed by Victor Van Rossem.

Heron Oblivion. Heron Oblivion is the new project that involves members of Comets On Fire, Espers, Sic Alps e Assemble Head of Sunburst Sound (Meg Baird, Ethan Miller, Noel Von Harmonson e Charlie Saufle). Self-Titled album will be out March 4 via Sub Pop. Listen to “Oriar“.

Ply – Ed Tullett. Ed Tullett is an Oxford-based singer-songwriter and musician. Fiancè is the debut album that will be out February 19 via Monotreme Records. “Ply” is a new track that highlights the wonderful vocal melody and the fragile dreamy sound.

Cavern of Anti-Matter. Cavern of Anti-Matter is the Berlin-based project lead by Tim Gane (Stereolab) and with Joe Dilworth (Th’ Faith Healers/Stereolab), Holger Zapf. Void Beats / Invocation Trex is the debut album that will be out February 19 via Duophonic. Album includes various guests: Bradford Cox, Sonic Boom and Jan St. Werner. Listen to ”Melody in High Feedback Tones“.


Tight Eye. Tight Eye is the solo project of the italian songwriter Giulia Bonometti (Own Boo, Fauves). Forget-Me-Not is the debut album that will be out February 12 via WWNBB Collective. Listen to “Orbiter“.

FEWS. FEWS are a Swedish London-based duo that has post-punk roots. They’re working with Dan Carey and their album will be out via Play It Again Sam. Listen to “The Zoo“.

Annie Ellicott. Annie Ellicott is an american songwriter with a solid carreer as jazz singer. Lonesome Goldmine is the debut album that will be out via Unknown Tone Records. Listen to the title-track.

Imarhan. Imarhan are a six-piece band from Northern Mali. They mix African traditional music with western culture sounds (pop, funk and blues). “Tahabort” is the debut track.