Artwork by Rudolf Vlček (


There is a sadness in this world, for we are ignorant of many things. Yes, we are ignorant of many beautiful things — things like the truth. So sadness, in our ignorance, is very real. The tears are real. What is this thing called a tear? There are even tiny ducts — tear ducts — to produce these tears should the sadness occur. Then the day when the sadness comes — then we ask: “Will this sadness which makes me cry — will this sadness that makes me cry my heart out — will it ever end?” The answer, of course, is yes. One day the sadness will end.” (Twin Peaks. Season 1, Episode 4).

Last year, for our fifth birthday, we pblished various playlist/compilation. We decided to pay tribute to Twin Peaks (the show will come back in 2017 with the third season). This is a Imaginary Soundtrack compilation that involves 18 Artists: Dale Cooper Quartet, Nichelodeon, Pan & Me, Saffronkeira, Fabrizio Testa, Stray Theories, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Valerio Cosi, Xu & Rooms Delayed, Jordan Dykstra, Benjamin Finger, Francesco Giannico, Strië, Driftmachine (anteprima), Hear Hums, EOSTRE, Sima Kim, ARC Soundtracks. Full streaming is still available.